A Few Words of Ricardo Calderon

Mensaje began in New Orleans more than 30 years ago, when Father Pedro Nuñez was ordained as a priest. The Archbishop of New Orleans assigned him a ministry dedicated to Hispanics. The father had a bachelor’s degree in journalism, so he and his parents, led by the Holy Spirit, decided to form the Communications Ministry of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. They called it “Mensaje” because they wanted to send God’s message.

But here in Dallas began 5 years ago, when I had already left the office of Founder and Trainer of the Catholic ministry, Bodas de Cana, which we brought from Peru in the name of the Lord. I was working in the Sam’s store, in the department of vegetables and fruits. I would sing to them and talk to the fruit and vegetables about God, and I would thank them for being our food. The father found out about it and came to see me. He told me that God had given us a gift, and that gift was to be at the service of God. So he proposed to me to bring his ministry here to Dallas, Texas. My family and I decided to first take a time of prayer, and reflection, in which we asked God if that really was what we should do in His name.

About a month and a half ago, in November 2012, we went to New Orleans to talk with the father and he gave us the answer we wanted to know… he told us that he had never given anyone that facility and responsibility to expand the ministry that the I had trained in New Orleans. After much prayer, we decided to form Mensaje in Dallas Texas. From our experience as a married couple and as a family, we thought that the ministry in Texas could be more than a communication ministry for Hispanics, a family ministry, because the need is in the family. So we decided to evangelize families, and the father agreed very much. He told us that if that was what God put in our hearts, we would call it that. Exactly the first week of December 2012, the “Mensaje Texas” ministry was registered as a ministry of evangelization and family catechesis.

Headquarters Mensaje Dallas, TX

The following year, in the middle of April 2013, we started with the first event called “Families Under Construction” and that’s where the history of the ministry began. First we were 5 couples, we already knew. We invited them to be part of the team and these five couples were our support. In 2014, we started with the “Saturdays of Miracles” and they also became a very special event, very typical of what we did as a ministry. The ministry grew and now we are not only 5 couples but 65, and we have marriage communities, young adolescents, children, a training school, etc. We have grown in quantity and equal in quality. We are trying to form servants who are centered in Christ, who see light wherever they go, who set an example and as Catholics we can exalt in the name of Jesus through his Church.

I hope this little story serves to continue growing as a ministry, but more than anything, enlarging the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to continue expanding, and eventually, to be able to house all those who really need, not only physical or material, but spiritual, physiological and emotional support, which we hope in God that we can achieve soon.